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How will I know what is happening during my child's day?

Suwanee Prep uses a system called Tadpoles that sends pictures and videos of what your child is doing throughout the day. When you pick up your child, you will receive a Daily Activity Report that highlights the activities and curriculum covered, time of nap, what portion of lunch your child ate, and diapering/potty times. 

Do children go outside everyday?

Playgrounds are considered an extension of the classroom. In addition to traditional recess time, teachers plan nature walks, picnics and other learning opportunities to take advantage of the outdoors. Weather permitting, children play outside every day!  

How  is child safety ensured?

Suwanee Prep Academy is committed to the safety and security of the children and teachers in their school. The security system requires a pass code in order to enter the building.  Visitors are required to present identification and register in our Visitor Logs. Alternate caregivers, authorized by children's parents, must present identification and password information. 

When is my child to sick to attend?


  • A fever of 101 or above with or without additional symptoms (rash, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.)
  • Vomiting with or without additional symptoms (fever, rash, diarrhea, etc.)
  • Loose or uncontrolled bowel movements (diarrhea) with or without additional symptoms.
  • A skin rash, lesion or open wound with bleeding, oozing, pus, or clear fluid.
  • Conjunctivitis / Pink Eye where whites of the eye appear red and/or blood shot accompanied by discharge that is white, yellow, or green in color.
  • Nasal discharge that is constant, uncontrolled, thick, and green in color.
  • A cough that is constant, uncontrolled, and productive (raising phlegm).
  • Any contagious or communicable illness or disease, which is reportable to the Department of Public Health.
  • Children lethargic wanting to sleep and not participate in activities

If my child doesn't attend daycare for a week is tuition still due? 

Yes, tuition is still due when a child is absent for the week. Each family will received 4 weeks of vacation per year  which means you will be responsible for paying half weeks tuition for the week of your vacation. Once you have used your 4 weeks of vacation for the year you will be responsible for full tuition amount.

Is there a cut off time to bring my child to school?

Yes, We start our learning early in the morning so we need all of our students at school no later than 10 Am  unless you have a Dr's  note form your physician.

If my child has a fever at school can I call to  give  verbal authorization to administer medication?

No medication will be given unless a parent has completed a medication authorization form  from the front office.

When are payments due?

Payments are due on Friday's  before the start of the next week. Payment must be made by 10 pm.

My child is a picky eater can I bring food from home?

No outside food is allowed from home unless  you have a note from your child's physician.


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