Keeping Our Children Safe and Secure is Our Number One Priority.


Each classroom and hallways are equipped with cameras recording throughout the day. There is a live feed that directors are able to see throughout the day with the ability to replay the day’s event.


The front door of each building is equipped with a entry keypad that limits entry to only staff and authorized families. Unique ID codes are assigned to each person. Codes may be disabled at any time, providing a safe, secure environment for children and peace of mind for parents.

Authorization Pickup Form

When children are enrolled, the parent or guardian will provide a list of persons authorized to pick up the child. Children will only be released to individuals on the “Authorizations Pickup Form” list. If anyone that we do not recognize tries to pick up your child, we will ask for a picture ID, and verify that they are on the list.

Employee Background Checks

All employees are subject to Georgia State Law mandated background checks and fingerprint scans (CBI, FBI, and/or Central Registry) as a condition of employment with SPA.